Friday, March 11, 2011

1.5 Cats

I may think that if I rearrange the same things they might change me
So I try to organize and colorize the stacks and stuff around me
The books are all coded, whites and blacks and blues and greens
To break it and make it ok, the spots of colors go in between
So the cherry, strawberry candlestick sits in just the space
Where it might make the the yolky yellow and creamy green seem
And I will be better, and I will be happy, and I will focus and be a success

Instead of sitting here and being less than I am supposed to be.
I know I already said, how I was too far from the edge and I needed to break free

So this is less about me and more about things
Things that can me handled and controled and put in their place.
Things, in their cubbys and caddys and drawers and displays
They show I am good and special and interesting, that I have such taste

Conversation pieces, if there were voices to conversate this place
But there arent, only things and 1.5 cats and a husband I love but
Thats it.

I have the best wine glasses and shot glasses and my homemade bar
but the bottles sit dusty because you arent supposed to drink alone
So I dust and I align and I make up my mind that this time tomorrow I wont be

I think maybe if all my things are where they are supposed to be
Then I will finally settle into whats supposed to be me
That if the closet is in order and the laundry is clean
All the beautiful things in my mind will, by way of my hands, leave me
I will create a magnificant thing, that will amaze and allure and live
A thing that people will see and be drawn to keep and treasure always
To put on the shelves between the blue and the green
So I won't just be going to waste.