Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Supposed to be Famous

I really feel I have to explain something before I can tell you any more of my story. In the real world I am famous. Despite the fact that this alternate universe I am living in now has held me from my real destiny, there is a me out there who is exactly who she is supposed to be. In that world I was born into a well to do family that understood and encouraged the importance of an education. Because of this I went to a frightfully elite design school in New York City where I excelled, wining nearly every competition I entered, securing fabulous summer internships and finally graduating and immediately being hired on with a tippity top design firm.

Unlike this life, my real self lives in a remarkable renovated factory loft that, having so perfectly designed every inch of, has been featured in more publications than I care to mention, for the sake of decency. Don't think my real life is all work, you must know I share my home with my musician boyfriend who doesn't need to be successful because he is gorgeous and talented and we spend our free time traveling to places you have never heard of. Our idea of a quiet weekend is spending a few days at our favorite model celebrity filled Hampton beach house where I fit in like on of the family.

Of course I lost all that baby fat in my teens just like my mother always said and my small frame looks longer than its 5 feet and 4 inches due to the leanness of it. When I visit my family it is by plane and only for special occasion because my time is too valuable, what with the position as design consultant to the rich and famous. My name has even become common in the average home thanks to my new best selling book, “Form Married Function and Their Child is Beauty” because changing the color of your room really can change your life.

So now that you know all of that I can tell you how things are going in bizarro world.

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